Home buying is one of the most important decisions one makes in life. Amidst the excitement of a new home, furniture, carpets, and decor, one tends to overlook a critical step — home inspection — the simplest way to prevent a huge mistake of buying a property that needs vast repairs. Any buyer who omits the inspection part loses the chance to have an expert overview of the home they are buying. The following are the primary importance of licensed home inspector to home buyers.

Early discovery of issues: Building a house is a multipart task with multiple contractors working on various jobs concurrently. So sometimes it becomes complex for the builders to sync them together. The result is minor faults and gaps in the structure. A home inspector can give certification and photos of the repairs and reveal any shortcuts that will take or if the job will do to typical construction standards.

Safety: While minor flaws like chipped off paints or creaky floors though irritating should not be life-threatening; issues like toxic gas emission, molds, and spore formation, imperfect wiring can take a severe toll on one’s health. Occasionally a leaky pipe may proliferate the escalation of poisonous fungi in the walls. A home inspection team ensures that there are no such glaring safety issues.

Detect structural problems: A buyer is not a professional engineer who can identify structural issues at the very first sight. Defective materials and appliances, poor workmanship, unfinished or incorrect work, foundation wall cracks, and unleveled door frames; these are few flaws only a licensed and certified inspectors can detect.

Negotiate on price: A certified home inspection report from a reputed, licensed home inspection company enables the buyers to ask for repairs from the seller. It also qualifies the buyer to ask for a price reduction or credit from the seller. You may use the deficiency and inadequacy as discount coupons for price reductions or concessions on closing costs or move-in dates.

Forecast future expenses: A home inspector can give you a broad idea of how long the existing system and systems will be functioning and the next time to repair, replace or keep up them. Home inspections can assist in determining the expenses for replacement or upgrades that may occur in the future. Having a better understanding of future costs will be helpful especially when you are investing massively.

Insurance claims: Your home insurance company could require you to get specific certifications such as wind mitigation certificates or meet precise requirements for protection against foundation problems or water damage and flooding. Having a licensed inspector’s report makes claiming easier.

Supporting the gut feeling: People focus on the big picture while buying a house, the color of the house, view from the window, etc. often, despite the house being attractive according to our taste, we get a gut feeling that something is not right somehow. We fail to point it out due to lack of technical knowledge. This is where a home inspection team can point out shortcomings giving you the opportunity to reassess whether a home is right for you.

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