Buying a newly built house? Well, there are plenty of reasons for you to get your new home inspected before making a final decision.

Buying a new home is everyone’s dream, and this is surely an exciting experience. But never forget to hire a licensed and well-experienced professional to do this vital task. Better if you get the inspection done in early phases of the home construction, but also if you decide to buy it when the development is near completion, it is still worth it.

Here are some reasons why you must get your new home inspected.

1. A timely inspection can help detect any problems:

New homes that are not built under your supervision can have a lot of problems. Builder cannot check the progress of every subcontractor and its team, and thus some minor problems get ignored easily. However, they affect your home badly afterward. Here are some of the most commonly detected problems by our professionals:

  • Organic growth
  • Unattached ducts
  • Lack of insulation
  • Roof shingles (causing water leakage)

These problems and engineering faults are quite common, but they can ruin your new home experience if ignored.

2. It prevents any serious consciousness:

Getting your new home inspected before moving in can help find all the major and minor faults. This way they can be fixed before they cause any significant damage to your new home. For example, an increased shelling can permanently damage your roof, gas leakage can prove harmful to your family, and inefficient wiring can significantly increase your utility bills.

Fixing these problems, later on, can cost you a fortune. Make sure that you get rid of them quickly to secure your family.

3. Faults can lower the resale value:

Moving to a new house is wonderful, but maybe you decide to sell it as many of the fellow real estate investors do. Now getting your home inspected before selling it becomes more critical because it is most likely that the buyer will get it inspected himself before buying.

So, make sure you get rid of any construction faults before your customer visits, because these might look minor now, but they can decrease the resale value of your new house.

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